Latvian Weekly Podcast #40: Happy Birthday to Latvian Railways and News from July 30th - August 5th, 2019

Photo Credit: Pohled 111, via Wikimedia Commons

Otto has returned to Latvia to celebrate a major anniversary with Joe! No, not the show's 40th episode, but the 100th birthday of Latvijas Dzelceļš, the country's rail authority! Other topics of discussion include major updates to the Kariņš government's plans, a drought in the south of Kurzeme, a new US ambassador to Latvia, and a bridge that belongs to no one in desperate need of repairs.

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  1. I am not sure I agree with Otto's comments about farming in Latvia and the need for people to approach it in this hard and fast way, particularly as the world goes through climate change. Any activity that is weather based has got to have some sort of insurance to be able to survive. The last thing Latvia needs is mega farms, in the hands of the few. As well, when crops fail in other countries (Canada, US for example) the government subsidies them and supports the farmer,since they provide food to the population.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I don't think that Otto was trying to say that the government shouldn't support farmers at all, but that there needs to be better preparation in the private sector for the kind of climate change that is coming down the road. At least from what I understood he was saying that farmers shouldn't rely on the government 100%, and that the current level of support from the government that farmers receive shouldn't increase. I tend a bit more pro-subsidy than he does and would agree with you, but I don't think he was trying to say that there should be no subsidies at all.


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