Literature Review: Stroika with a London View

Līga Horgana is back with another literature review, this time Vilis Lācītis' Stroika ar skatu uz Londonu, translated by the author into English as Stroika with a London View under the pseudonym William B. Foreignerski.

Stroika with a London View is a great piece of literature that shows the harsh experiences of economic immigrants while managing to be both very funny and serious at the same time. The author is a musician who goes by the name “Vilis Lāctis” in Latvian, and also translated the book into English himself under the pseudonym of “William B. Foreignerski.” This turned out to be a very successful debut in literature, getting nominated for the Annual Latvian Literary Award and also becoming the most read book of 2010 in the Latvian Language.
The story starts at the beginning of the new millennium – the year 2000, a few years before Latvia’s 2004 entry into the EU allowed its citizens to more easily work in the UK. A young musician with dreams to become a star but no money …

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