Literature Review: Brother Oak, Sister Linden

Līga Horgana is back with a literature review of  Brother Oak, Sister Linden ,   a book written by  Jānis Baltvilks,  illustrated by Edgars Folks, and translated into English by Ilze Kreišmane. After spending the last few months researching trees in Latvian literature and both traditional and modern culture, I came to the logical decision to write a review about the book Brother Oak, Sister Linden by Jānis Baltvilks and Edgars Folks. The work was originally published in 1985 as part of the series of books “I Want to Know Everything” (“Gribu visu zināt”). Its goal was to educate preschool kids about the forest and the most common types of trees in Latvia as well as to raise awareness of the importance of treating nature responsibly. In 2017, the publisher Janis Roze reissued an updated version of this work translated by Ilze Kreišmane. In the preface of the new edition, scientific advisor Vents Zvaigzne has written, “may this book inspire in you the desire to breathe the smell of a gre

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