Literature Review: No Antarktīdas līdz Zilonim

Līga Horgana is back with a literature review of  No Antarktīdas līdz zilonim ,   an illustrated children's word book by Krista Blūma and Vilmārs Blūms. Every so often, my daughters get invited to their friends’ birthday parties. To find a gift, I go to the book store and spend quite a long time researching the shelves of children’s literature, a process I actually enjoy a lot. This time, I found a beautiful picture book which I am sure will please not only the five-year-old but the rest of her family as well with its vividly colorful illustrations. No Antarktīdas līdz zilonim ("From Antarctica to an Elephant" – in Latvian the title refers to the first and last letters of the alphabet) by Krista Blūma and Vilmārs Blūms, published by Jāņa Rozes apgāds in 2021, is a bilingual picture book that illustrates a wide range of vocabulary – words and short phrases – in Latvian and English.  On one hand, it seems a lot like a “my first word” type book that introduces kids to the w

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