Literature Review: The Latvian ABC. Your guide to Latvia and the Latvians

Līga Horgana is back with a literature review of The Latvian ABC. Your guide to Latvia and the Latvians  by Philip Birzulis and Kristīne Komarovska, illustrated by Linda Ofelia Rutule. The Latvian alphabet contains 33 letters and The Latvian ABC is not only a chance to learn thirty three new words in Latvian, but also to learn quite a bit more about the Latvian people, their culture, history, and the country’s nature and traditions. The Latvian Alphabet is a multimedia project by The Latvian Institute . It was released in May 2020 in time for the 30th anniversary of the reestablishment of independence. It provides the information in four different ways: a printed hardcover book, electronic book, audiobook, and audio material supplemented with animation. Even better, it is easily accessible for anyone at Those who are interested can also apply for free printed copies at  The book looks at all 33 letters of the Latvian alphabet, giving a specific word for each that depi

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