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About Latvia Weekly

Latvia Weekly is a fully independent English language news and analysis podcast and blog about the most important happenings throughout Latvia each week. "Weekly updates" posts are published each Sunday which condense the week's most important stories into a easily readable digest for those who are unable to follow the news on a day to day basis, and "stories of the day" are posted on our Facebook page at the end of each evening to keep people even more up-to-date. Our weekly podcast aims to highlight and analyze important stories in a digestible and light-hearted way for people who aren't experts about Latvian news and politics.

Who this is for

Photo Credit: Dainis Matisons, via Wikimedia Commons
Latvia Weekly is intended for English speakers both living in Latvia and throughout the world to be able to keep up to date with what is happening throughout the country each week. While a few news sources in Latvia do have English language offerings, only the most major stories are usually translated and it is easy to fall out-of-the-loop regarding everyday happenings. Furthermore, many people do not have the time to read, listen to, or watch the news every day, so it is useful for many to have an easily-digestible summary of some of the stories that they may have missed.

Our goal

Image Credit: Ansonlobo, via Wikimedia Commons
Latvia Weekly's goal is to promote a more well-informed English speaking society regarding Latvia-related issues both within the country and abroad. Our Facebook "stories of the day" specially focus on stories that haven't been translated into English by the major outlets, so that readers without advanced knowledge in Latvian are still able to stay in the loop. The blog and podcast are both 100% non-profit, and the news summaries that are posted each week are completely free to be shared and re-posted as long as you include all of the links to the original stories.

Who we are

Joe Horgan — Editor and podcast co-host

Photo Credit: Kristīne Grīnvalde
Joe is an English, American history, and debate teacher and lecturer who has been living in Jelgava and Rīga for more than five years and teaches at the University of Latvia, the Latvia University of Life Science and Technology, and Jelgava Spidola State Gymnasium. He originally comes from Portland, Maine in the United States, and is a dad, a vinyl record collector, and a fantasy (American) football enthusiast.

Otto Tabuns — Podcast co-host and security/defense analyst 

Otto is a visiting lecturer at the Riga Graduate School of Law and the executive director of the Baltic Security Strategy Project. An analyst of Latvian and European security, as well as societal security, Otto has a previous professional experience in strategic communication and defense planning. He is a member of Latvian Association of Political Scientists and the Association for Advancement of Baltic Studies.

Kristen Carlson — "Weekly Update" contributor and columnist

Kristen M. Carlson is a Fulbright Scholar from America living and teaching in Riga, Latvia for the 2018-2019 school year. She instructs at Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music and Riga Teika Secondary School. She is a 2018 graduate of Luther College in Decorah, IA with degrees in communication studies, music, and philosophy.

How can I help?

Please spread the word! The more people who are informed about what's happening here in Latvia the better. Share our posts on Facebook, and make sure to press "subscribe" at the top of the page. Also, please make sure to click on the links in the stories and turn off your adblocking software so that the journalists working for the news organizations we link to are able to continue doing their awesome work. If you're a Latvian news junkie too and would like to help update the blog or write an editorial, send us a message!