Latvia Weekly Presents: Akenfelds on the Road — Cycling through Western Latvia

A bike path near Talsi, Latvia
Photo Credit: Bhavishya Goel

Join Joe as he sits down with Latvian-Australian Kris Akenfelds, who is halfway through a 2-month cycling journey along Latvia's entire border and a few places off the track. Kris recounts some of the most interesting places he's been to and people he's met, as well as a brush with the supernatural and a few life-changing moments along the way.

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  1. Great program! I enjoyed hearing about Kris's experience of the Latvian wilderness; all the same I wondered about ticks. Weren't they ever a problem?

    1. Hi Steve, I am very cautious about the situation with ticks in Latvia's forests. As I'm guessing you probably already know, some ticks in Latvia carry tick-borne encephalitis and also Lyme Disease. I have noticed along the way that Latvia's government instrumentality that manages forests, Latvijas Valsts Meži, has posted warning signs in some locations about ticks. Myself, I use a fairly powerful insect repellent when camping in forested areas and - above all - I never entirely trust the repellent! I regularly check myself for ticks. Happily, no ticks have hooked onto me so far.

      It's comforting to know that, generally, a tick would need to be attached to you for about 48 hours or more for there to be any serious risk of contracting a disease. The sooner a tick is removed, the less chance there is of getting infected.

      I don't give the ticks any quarter.

  2. Loved hearing your impression of the areas you passed thru and the people you met along the way!


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