Meet the "Story of the Day" team!

Although the Latvia Weekly podcast only comes out once a week, our Facebook page keeps you updated with the latest happenings all week long with "stories of the day" each evening complete with links to some of the country's finest news sources. These posts don't write themselves though, and Latvia Weekly is lucky to have two great volunteers working from different corners of the planet:

Andrew Squires

Andrew Squires is a contributor to the Latvia Weekly Facebook Page's "Story of the Day" series. He is a third-generation American-Latvian, a graduate of Syracuse University, and lives outside Denver, Colorado.

Kārlis Zemītis

Kārlis is an architectural technologist working as BIM project coordinator in the private sector. Aside from contributing to the Latvia Weekly Facebook Page's "Story of the Day" series," he is a classic car enthusiast and a technology nerd.

If you're a dedicated news junkie too and would like to join the "Story of the Day" team or would like to help out Latvia Weekly in other ways, don't hesitate to let us know!


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