Latvia Weekly Interviews: Latvian Holocaust Historian Richards Plavnieks

The Holocaust will always be one of the darkest chapters of Latvian history, and it is up to historians like Richards Plavnieks, Assistant Professor of History at Florida Southern College, to chronicle this painful period. Joe sits down with Dr. Plavnieks to discuss his work studying the infamous "Arājs Kommando" as well as his experiences growing up as a Latvian-American on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

This episode is part of series exploring some of the interesting work that people throughout Latvia are doing that might escape the attention of news camera but is having an impact nonetheless.

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  1. "...hopelessly trapped within our personal identities..." These words of Richard's profoundly resonated with me. My parents' experience of WWII has been a huge factor in my own life and I appreciated hearing Richard's perspective on the same issue.

    1. Thanks Steve! I agree that Richards was quite profound, he definitely left us all with a lot to think about.

  2. Pretīgi lasīt šito murgojumu un vēl pretīgāk , ka to raksta kāds lupatu latvietis, kurš 2 gadus nodzīvojis Maskavā, Ļaunuma Impērijas centra, tur tad arī šim nodevējam ir kārtīgi izskalotas smadzenes…….


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