Latvia Weekly Interviews: Journalist Kārlis Streips

Image Credit: Andarte Marta Phillips

Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā! In honor of Kārlis Streips' birthday, we are uploading an interview Joe did with our esteemed co-host about the many hats he has worn in Latvian media, his experience moving to Latvia from America and then living in Rīga throughout the entire post-occupation period, and his work as a literature translator.

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  1. Really enjoyed this program as I felt I could relate to several points (plus perhaps I wish I too had been a journalist and moved to Latvia in the 90s). Joe's comment about the archaic Latvian of exiles really resonated... I will never forget the assessment of my young cousin and his friends that my Latvian was quaint and old fashioned (did I sound like the Latvian equivalent of a hillbilly?) after which I decided using English with them was the better option. The identity question of children of exiles also struck a chord with me; particularly as it was only my mother who was Latvian. It took many years for me to reconcile the issue of my identities. I would have liked to hear Kārlis talk more about his perspective on the LGBT experience in Latvia; to which he referred to somewhat obliquely. Great show... thank you for producing Latvia Weekly. I was supposed to spend three months in Latvia later this year, which won't be happening now due to the COVID-19 travel ban. At least I have you guys to connect me with Latvia!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I've been planning an LGBT in Latvia episode for quite some time now and that will happen in the not too distant future, but for now I didn't want to focus on it since he's already done about a gajillion interviews that focus on his sexuality and I didn't want this to be just another one. We hope to see you in Latvia sooner or later!

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